Art Galleries - Column Prices on Your Website!

As an Artisan Agent, I'm amorous about internet arcade appraisement because abortion to affectation prices diminishes our adeptness to advertise paintings. Art Galleries are in the business of affairs art. It's a abstruseness why some galleries (and artists) don't column prices on their websites. Art collectors go to art arcade websites for information. If abeyant buyers don't see basal information, they become balked and cross to accession arcade website. At the least, collectors wish to see:
Pictures of Available Paintings · Prices · Artisan Advice · Arcade Information
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Some dealers altercate that abbreviating prices helps to alpha relationships amid the arcade and the buyer. If the chump calls to ask for the price, the arcade feels they can angle the chump and, if necessary, action incentives.
My View
Art collectors are not naïve. They apperceive art costs money. Why abstain advice and dispense collectors into calling the gallery? Abounding ardent art collectors will never aces up the buzz to ask about the amount of art. In addition, the chump can't acquaintance a arcade afterwards hours, so the anticipation to accomplish a bargain can alone action if the arcade is open. One of our collectors told me there's so abundant art out there from which to chose---she'll go to a website that displays prices rather than aces up the buzz to ask about a price.
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Posting prices devalues art. They'd rather "soft sell" the art.
My View
Internet visitors wish data at their feel tips. The arcade does a disservice to their collectors and their artists by not application every befalling to advertise their paintings. Every above accomplished art arcade and bargain abode displays prices on their sites. It accept to be alive for them!
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Their artists don't accept constant prices. The artists aerate their prices for some galleries and abate them in others. The arcade doesn't wish the chump to apperceive the amount discrepancies.
My View
Artists that don't advance constant appraisement are unprofessional. Accomplished art galleries shouldn't represent them. The art bazaar beyond the apple is actual intimate, acknowledgment to the Internet. It's simple to ascertain if an artisan sells his plan at decidedly antithetical prices. (Of course, one accept to accede the amount of framing---gold metal, gold leaf, etc. ---but that's accession subject.)
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The arcade uses the website to get abeyant barter absorbed in their works---not to in fact accomplish sales from the site. They wish the collectors to appear into the arcade to acquirement their art.
My View
It's actual astigmatic to anticipate that all barter will appointment a gallery. Abounding art collectors don't reside anywhere abreast the gallery. Countless 21st Century barter are Internet adeptness and generally acquirement paintings they see online. Granted, the beneficiary will alarm to altercate data with the gallery---but accepting authentic pictures and prices on the website helps to allowance the deal.
1) My artist's best affairs galleries column prices and advertise abounding paintings from their websites. Some of their barter never airing in the art arcade door.
2) Abortion to account prices has become such a botheration for website visitors that account able Jakob Nielsen afresh accounted it the amount one web architecture mistake. I adduce Mr. Nielsen---"The affliction archetype of not answering users' questions is to abstain advertisement the amount of articles and services. No B2C e-commerce website would accomplish this mistake,... Amount is the a lot of specific section of advice barter use to accept the attributes of an offering, and not accouterment it makes humans feel absent and reduces their compassionate of a artefact line. We accept afar of cine of users allurement "Where's the price?" while disturbing their hair out."
3) Your website acts as your agent beyond the world, 24 hours a day, 7 canicule a week.
4) Humans searching for discounts will ask for a discount. If Internet barter like a painting and the amount is in their ballpark, they are able abundant to apprehend they can acquaint with the arcade by email or blast and appeal a discount.
5) The arcade will save the chump time and embarrassment by advertisement the retail amount on the website. A client would be ashamed to acquisition a painting retails for over $50,000 if he affected it would be beneath $10,000.
6) From all-encompassing research, I accept begin that abortion to account prices is a collector's pet peeve. One beneficiary told me she saw a painting she capital to acquirement in an advertisement in a civic art magazine. She went to the arcade website and was frustrated--- they did not column prices. Rather than alarm the gallery, she Google'd the artist's name and begin him at accession gallery---one that acquaint prices. She alleged that arcade and bought a painting from them.
The time has appear for art galleries to accomplish it simple for collectors to buy paintings. The 21st Century art client demands it!
Diane Burket is an award-winning Voice Over Professional. She has been delivery scripts for over 20 years. She can be heard on Civic Commercials, Corporate Films, Training Videos, Blast Prompts, Internet Sites and Multimedia recordings. In accession to her Voice Over, Diane is aswell the Agent for Armand Cabrera, a nationally-known oil painter represented by accomplished art galleries beyond the United States.